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The Future Hates The Past

by Identity Theft

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"We have come forth, to meet your need. You were designed to be obsolete. Our essence lives, Your flesh decays. We populate, As you die away. This futile race cannot be won. We carry on, Your day is done. The torch is passed, Your time is through. We clear the earth, It's what we do..."
"Some of the experiences are voice to skull; where voices are transmitted to a person from a distance. remote viewing; wehere a person can be watched in their homes, or picked out in a crowd. shocks given to the body, paralyzation of the body, levitation of body parts, gang staking, where people are followed around; careers and jobs ruined, with false allegations. mobbing in stores, where people crowd or surround the target, and some go the other symptoms could be a combination of all these types of torture. a lot of these symptoms are miscategorized as menal illness. a lot of these symptoms could cause a person to become illl, physically ill. assassinations are carried out, by persons being controlled and directed in these ways. the mind can become confused, the person is overwhelmed, and theres no way to fight these symptoms. I became a targeted individual, I was selected as a targeted individual. "
"With age and reflection, there comes a feeling of obsolescence; that one is being replaced. For some it might feel like the world ahead is a degradation, a simulacra or pantomime of the ethos of that which preceded . For others, this coming world might seem to surpass ones own in almost every way.. These are both illusions - as nostalgia and egoism dull perception; and the myths of progress serve only to support hubris. That which is coming has nothing but disdain and utter indifference at what preceded it. There is no becoming, no evolution, no ascension, no progression . Nothing of what you see around you will remain. The future hates the past. "
Sleep 03:36
"Sleep…. I'm watching you. Sleep….deeper……sleep…"
"Consider yourself…. A Captive Audience"
The Today 01:41
"Yesterday is the fear of the today; means we need live every moment. The tomorrow is enemy of the today. Yesterday is the fear of the today. Tomorrow our expectation; yesterday our fear. Today is nothing. Tomorrow, yesterday only you possible think but only dream, only illusion: not true. True life is today. "


Recorded 2013-14.


released May 7, 2014


all rights reserved



Identity Theft

Covert Electronics

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